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You know your business better than anyone, but sometimes you need a new set of eyes to help get it done better and faster. At Platinum Business Services, we have an unbiased view of how we can help you make your processes do more with less. Let our process of discovery, interview, design, and testing show you the improvement required to make your organization soar.


Software Implementation

We specialize in implementing and operating an online suite of software programs - Hubdoc, QuickBooks Online and Plooto.  This integrated system creates incredible internal efficiencies for our customers and virtually eliminates paper.  Hubdoc, the comprehensive document management system, auto-fetches bank and credit card statements and has all other invoices emailed directly to your company dedicated hubdoc email.  Receipts are captured through the mobile app and directly uploaded.  QuickBooks Online is your complete financial software taking care of estimating, quoting, invoicing, inventory, payroll and yes financial reports.   Plooto electronically manages vendor and customer payments through direct deposits into bank accounts - no more writing and signing cheques. We put together a detailed project plan taking you through preparation, implementation and post implementation monitoring.  This is truly software that provides you an excellent return on your money invested. 



Platinum Business Services' Team of Professionals love to train other people on how to better use their software and/or do their day to day bookkeeping. We can help to document your business processes and then lay out a training program that will have your staff performing at optimum efficiency. Our training process ensures your team understands the priorities and the most effective way to execute your processes. Superior knowledge of the system allows your staff to work efficiently resulting in an improved bottom line.


Succession Planning

Platinum Business Services is proud to be a founding member of Next Chapter Succession Planning Inc. How will your business operate when you leave? It’s important to consider your succession plan before you exit, and our experienced multi-faceted team will successfully guide your transition into retirement or your next business venture. We’ll work with you to determine the steps necessary for a successful transition to new leaders so that your business thrives long after you leave.


Corporate and Personal Income Tax

In addition to being your in-year financial experts, we provide Year-End Preparation, Corporate Income Tax (T2) and Personal Income Tax (T1) Services. Key members of our CPA designated accounting professionals are your tax generalist service providers.

Being good at what you do includes knowing when you need support. To that end, we have teamed up with the best Tax Experts in our market to tackle complex tax issues as they arise. This allows us to successfully guide your business or you through any tax issue.


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