Technology is changing the landscape in the world of accounting from the cloud. We are extremely excited to confirm that many of our customers are enjoying the benefits of 2 of the top 5 Canadian Apps changing the landscape, as noted, in a recent review of Apps.

Number #2 Hubdoc

Hubdoc, based Toronto, is a comprehensive cloud based document management app. It takes away all the headaches related to document management and keeps it all in one place. Instead of panicking each month or at year-end looking for your receipts from different physical folders and various websites, simply snap a picture and Hubdoc will safeguard it in a virtual environment for you. After taking a picture of your receipt, it will extract the important information from the receipt to make sure you aren't missing anything important. It also auto-fetches your bank and credit card statements and stores them in you account. All invoices from suppliers can be sent directly to Hubdoc in pdf format and conveniently stored. Hubdoc integrates directly with QBO and Xero, allowing you to create rules, reducing the amount of manual classification you'll have to perform.

Number #3 Plooto

Also based in Toronto, Plooto will help you eliminate the paper trail in your payables and receivables. This app makes your accounts receivables and accounts payables easier to manage from anywhere you have an internet connection. It can efficiently handle all your business payments and facilitate the retrieval of receivables by sending requests for money owed within the system.

All your suppliers can be available on the platform. That is right: Plooto can connect you to all your payees within their system in mere seconds of integrating. Whether you historically made your payments via cheque, credit card, e-transfer, ACH or EFT, you can choose consolidate all your payments on the app.

Once the set up is complete, the process for utilizing this app is simple. To initiate a payment, select the payee, enter the amount, and Plooto guarantee’s proper payment delivery. Importing all your customer invoices into the app allows you to send payment notifications to the client. Once received, the payment is reconciled within your accounting software.

If you are a current customer and are not yet enjoying the benefits of investing in these technologies; simply contact your account manager and ask them to have our implementation team contact you to start the set up process. If you are already using these apps sit back and continue to enjoy the benefits. For those of you that do not work with us, we would we would be happy to talk to you about implementing these two technologies.

Stay healthy,
Greg Libbrecht and the team at Platinum Business Services